Are you a morning person? Part of the club maybe or are you rushing around losing a shoe, before you head out the door then wondering if you turned your straighteners off, waiting for a phone call from a neighbour that there is smoke coming from the unopened window!

Ask most successful business owners how they start their morning, and they will say having a morning ritual / routine is the number one thing they do, to make sure that they show up for their business with the best energy and mindset for the rest of the day.

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes?

For most of the population that have smart phones – 80% in fact – check their devices within 15 minutes of waking up. I have been one of them and sometimes still do on the rare occasion.

If you want to thrive in both business and life then ditch the phone into another room and create your own morning rituals.

Dependant on time, I love to ideally do an hour, but sometimes I can have 20 minutes, even less if I haven’t slept well or my little boy wakes me up!

1.           Before you come up with your very own Ritual, write down how you would spend your ideal morning – what would you do, how would you feel. Now what can you start to implement as from tomorrow morning?

2.           Daydreaming – When we wake up our brain waves are in a state of Alpha – which is the best frequency to tap into the subconscious mind, which means it is THE best time to visualise / meditate on your goals and desires. Spend anything from 5-20 minutes daydreaming about a goal as if it was happening right now.

3.           Breathing – I like to do the Wim Hoff technique every morning. It is scientifically proven to help stress, mental health and boost your immunity. After take a cold shower to really reduce inflammation, improve energy and boost circulation. A great place to start is his You Tube -Channel here (insert link –

4.           Hydrate. Warm lemon water first thing is FABULOUS! I make it the night before, pop it in flask and take it to bed and drink it when I wake up.

5.           Move – move that fabulous body of yours! From gentle stretching to Power Yoga to a quick sprint. Whatever you enjoy do it even for a few minutes! Get those endorphins flowing! Try this morning yoga video here  (insert link  –

6.           Get Fresh Air – Go outside and take some deep breathes! I like to take a lemon tea with me, sit down and set my intentions for the day (if it’s raining I stick my head out of the window – no excuses!). I ask myself “How do I want to feel today?” and “How will I lead myself through today?”

7.           Set a timer and read for 10 minutes. Something that expands your mind or learning. Such as The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This really inspired me to help create my own rituals that worked for me and my life.

8.           Journal. Getting down what’s on your mind on to paper can be a powerful ritual. Use a journal to check in with yourself and ask yourself prompts such as “How am I feeling about my business right now?”, “What is exciting me right now?” “What is holding me back from achieving my most current goal?” or just free write. Just let your mind be free and explore what is coming up for you. No right, no wrong, just write down. It doesn’t even need to make sense.

9.           Eat a healthy breakfast. They do not say it the most important mean of the day. Allow it to be notorious and free from sugars and all those ingredients you have no idea  what they are or even how to say or spell them!

10.         Set your intentions and goals of the day. What one thing do you want to get done and achieve.

11.         Wake up 15 minutes earlier each day or even each week to to allow you more time to commit to having your own rituals.

I would love to know how you get on and how your start your day. Leave a comment below!

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